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Warranty and Repair Service

You May Purchase from Helio with Full Confidence!

Helio Equipment Limited Warranty

As an ISO certified company, all medical equipment offered by Helio is “Quality Assured” by Helio´s rigorous Quality System Management. Helio´s warranty policy ensures that your investment is well protected. Our efficient and friendly after-sales service ensures that any need you may have for equipment service is promptly attended. Simply said, Helio is 100% behind all medical equipment offered by Helio.

What does your warranty cover?

  • Any defect in material or workmanship.
  • Shipping damages.

For how long after purchase?

  • Shipping damages reported within five days after receiving equipment.
  • For full coverage, within 90 days after purchase date for one year warranty and within 180 days after purchase date for two year warranty.
  • Partial coverage thereafter for the rest of one or two years depending on warranty.

What will Helio do?

Full Warranty (Coverage) Period:

  • Repair the defective equipment with no charge for parts and labor within the full coverage period of the warranty (90 or 180 days). Shipping cost is covered for both sending in equipment for repair and returning it to the customer.

Partial (Coverage) Warranty:

  • After initial full coverage period, Helio will replace parts with only charge for labor at the prevailing market rate. (See below for heat lamp repair rates.) Shipping cost is covered for the return of repaired equipment to customer only.
  • Helio Medical Supplies, Inc. has the option to provide a new or rebuilt replacement.

How do you get service?

  • Call Helio at 1-800-672-2726 to report problems and obtain a return or repair authorization number.
  • If it is past the full coverage period, customer must prepay all shipping costs when sending in equipment to Helio for repair. If shipping charges are not pre-paid, shipment will be refused.
  • Within the warranty period, we will either repair or replace the unit within two weeks after receiving it. Helio will pay return shipping charges.

What does your warranty not cover?

  • Replacement of owner’s manual or operating instructions.
  • Installation and set-up service.
  • Damages from misuse or neglect.
  • Warranty is void if Helio’s nameplate is removed or if the machine’s serial number does not match our records.
  • Repairs after the equipment has received unauthorized service or repair.


logo-firard logo-1-2-year 

Helio® Repair Service For Firard™ Series

Helio offers a complete line of spare parts and repair services for FIRARD™ Series only  (See owner´s manual.) For additional information or pricing call 1-800-672-2726.

Helio Lamps:

  • Qualified technicians will service and repair Firard units. The cost will be $40 per labor hour plus parts for a unit purchased from Helio or a Helio´s distributor. A typical repair generally cost around $65, plus shipping.
  • Turnaround time is about two weeks.
  • Please call 1-800-672-2726 for a repair authorization number or more information prior to shipping your Firard unit.

Non-Helio Lamps:

  • Repair for lamps purchased elsewhere: If your original supplier does not provide after-sales support, Helio will charge $60 per labor hour plus parts. Typical repair generally around $90, plus shipping.
  • Turnaround time is about two weeks.
  • Please call 1-800-672-2726 for a repair authorization number or more information prior to shipping your unit.

Please Note: *Warranty on a repaired unit is 30 days from date of repair invoice.