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Small Glass Cupping Jar CP-06B
Extra Small Glass Cupping Jar CP-06A
Replacement Pump for CP-03
Horn Shape Gua Sha Tool GS-500E
Replacement Cup for CP-03
Choki-Children Scratching Tool JC-28
Inri Shin Large JE-22L
Finger Roller, Silver DR-10A
Patient Bells GS-816L
Bottle With Cap GS-102
Jumbo Roller White (Mild) JG-17A
Large Glass Cupping Jar CP-06D
Stainless Steel Straight Probes DP-01
Pulse Daignosis Pillow GS-818
Replacement Cup for CP-03
Finger Roller, Gold DR-10B
Pocket Size Needle Case JP-38

Pocket Size Needle Case JP-38

  • Size:118x62x17mm
  • Made by Maeda Toyokichi Shouten In Japan.

Single Holder Bamboo Moxa Roll Box MX-71

Single Holder Bamboo Moxa Roll Box MX-71

Specifically designed for using moxa sticks. The top cover itself is held gently in place by several small magnets, and its entire underside has a thin metallic veneer to help radiate heat toward the bottom opening of the box. Ventilation windows on opposite sides help ensure proper burning of the moxa, and a fine metal screen at the bottom ensures that no ash drops onto a patient’s skin. A small nylon cord that attaches to hooks on opposite sides of the box.

Derma Roller with Probe DR-06

Derma Roller with Probe DR-06

Made of stainless steel.

Ear Probe with Roller DR-03

Ear Probe with Roller DR-03

The roller head is 0.5" (1.3cm) by 1.0"(2.5cm) 


Treatment Devices

Shonishin Pediatric Tools

Helio Introduces the latest on Shonishin Pediatric Tools by MAEDA Toyokichi Shoten in Japan since 1890. 

This tools are carefully handmade by best craftsmanship with the highest quality materials.

MAEDA believes on the ancient philosophy of alternative, safe & non-invasive treatment, for the care of the little ones.